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Q:  I want to buy a home.  How much do you charge?

Answer:  The cost of our services to you as buyer is zero.  Yes, you read right.  All of our expertise, commitment, and experience comes to you free of charge when you are buying a home.  How in the world does that work?  In Arizona (as in most states), the Realtor representing the buyer is paid by the seller of the home you purchase.  All we ask from you, because we will provide the highest level of service, our time and dedication, is that you work with only one Realtor.  We would love to work with you, but real estate isn’t one-size-fits all.  We encourage you to review our About Us page and learn more about our backgrounds,  experience, and commitment to our clients.  We have valuable information available to our home buyers HERE.

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Q:  Why do I need you if I’m building a new home?

Answer:  We LOVE that question and wish more people would ask BEFORE they’ve been model home browsing for the weekend.  It is so important to have a Realtor who works for you, and only you.  If you buy a new car, do you agree to pay sticker price and leave feeling like you got a great deal?  Probably not.  So why do that when buying something that costs 10x a car and is much more important?

It is so important to understand that when you walk into a new home builder’s office, your Realtor must be with you the very first visit.  If not, the builder’s sales representative will represent you in the purchase and we can’t help you as your Realtor. Your Realtor is the person in charge of helping you find the right home, in the right location, at the right price.  We educate and guide you through the entire process. We counsel you about the best way to stay on budget.  And we represent you and only you.  We will be happy to go with you, even if you’re “just looking” or in the beginning phase of the process.

We always hear, “But, we didn’t want to bother you.  We were just out driving around.”  PLEASE PLEASE Bother us!  Let us help you navigate this process.

Doesn’t it cost me more to have you with me?  No.  The Builder pays our commission and our representation has no impact whatsoever on the price of the home.  Most new home builders actually welcome our help!  And, we can help you SAVE money by helping you keep your budget in line because we understand the process, the up-front costs, and we take the time to get to know you and your goals before we walk in.  We also know the differences between builders.  They aren’t all the same.

So why do you have to go with me the very first time?  There is a sign on the door of every new home builder that states that your Realtor must be with you the very first time.  Even if you’re just browsing.  And that’s understandable.  You will have a million questions when you first start looking.  The person doing the work should get paid.

But what if I just browse and don’t sign in?  How will they know?  We are highly ethical in our business practices.  The Builder asks that we accompany you on your first visit, and we ask that you allow us to.

Why is it so important to have my own Realtor?  Several reasons:

1) Certain items can be negotiated.  Let us help you understand what can and can’t be negotiated in the new construction process.

2)  It costs you nothing to have our help, and we can actually help you SAVE money.

3)  We are educators and consultants.  We will meet with you prior to going out.   There are many builders and many options.  We take the time to get to know the builders, communities, and financial impact through up-front costs and deposits. Our consultation prior to going out to look at homes will help us find the right community for your needs. We will help you set expectations and walk along side you through the entire process.

4) We will go with you to the design center (if you would like) not to deisgn your home for you, but to help you keep things under control in accordance with your budget and goals.  We will go to all of your walk-throughs as another set of eyes.  We will attend your closing to be sure all of the documentation and paperwork is in good order.  And, we will help you track progress throughout the process.

We look forward to helping you with your new construction home purchase!

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Q:  When should I start learning about Buying or Selling my home?

Answer:  It’s never too early to start this process.  We recommend that you give yourself at least three months to learn about the process and get things started.

As a Buyer, you will need to find and start working with a Lender you can trust. This is especially important if it has been awhile since you’ve purchased a home or are a first-time home buyer.  Education is very important in the process and it’s important to give yourself time to learn as much as possible.

As a Seller, you will need to know the market in your particular neighborhood.  Give yourself time to pack some things up, do some minor repairs/updates and be sure that your home is show-ready the first day your home is available for sale.  As your Realtors, we need time to take photos, create videos and feature sheets and make sure your home hits the market with a Bang!

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Q:  Will Interest Rates Stay Low Forever???

Answer:  There are no indicators in the overall markets that lead us to believe that interest rates will go to 14% again.  Wait!! What??? 14%?  Yes and higher.  The 80’s were not good to the real estate market.  Interest rates were off the charts.  They remain at historical lows now, but not so very long ago, the rates were in the other realm.  Markets are hard to predict so don’t get too comfortable.  The tide can turn at any time.

For this reason we watch the markets for you. Not just the Real Estate Market, but also the US and World markets. And we watch them on a daily basis. We watch World Currencies (to watch the strength of the US Dollar), Bonds (Bond Prices affect Interest Rates), and the price of Commodities and Consumer Goods (These can affect the prior two indicators, as well as the cost of living).  All of which point to consumer confidence.  We are educators in the real estate market and markets the drive the real estate market.  We want our clients to be informed and make informed decisions.

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Q:  What is my home worth?

Answer:  The value of your home is a critical piece of the puzzle.  PLEASE do not rely on public Web sites that use National real estate values to create their algorithms and publish your home’s estimated value.  Phoenix is its own market, and it contains a large number of sub-markets.   Determining your home’s value requires research and comparisons that cannot be accomplished with mathematical algorithms.

We also see wide variances in the estimates of home value published by the public Web sites.  For instance, we have seen the very same home listed with a $60,000 variance in ‘estimate’ between an older listing and a current one.  The very same home!  I’m not sure how that happens, but it’s a good example of why these estimates are not reliable.

We are specialists in the research required to determine value.  We dig much deeper than most Realtors and we have the background and experience to create a strategic plan for your home’s sale.  We also have the marketing and sales background to put it all together for you.  For more information, Click HERE.

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Q:  What makes you different?

Answer:  We work very hard to be different.  And our clients continuously confirm that we are succeeding.  In addition to the above, the difference lies in our commitment to what we do for you.

1) We aren’t Real Estate “Lifers”.  We have vast backgrounds and experiences that work in your favor.  Feel free to check out our “About Us” Section.

2)  We work very hard to make you feel as if you are our ONLY client.

3)  We are full-time Realtors by choice.  Full-Time to us means we are available when you need us, not when it’s convenience for us.  Why?  Because this isn’t about us …

4)  While Real Estate is our Career, we don’t see you as a paycheck.  We see you as as someone who has put your trust in us to make one of the most important emotional and financial decisions of your life.  We take that very seriously.

5)  We go above and beyond.  How?  We consider ourselves educators and consultants.  We walk beside you through each and every step of the process.  We don’t stop after the Contract is accepted.  For us, that is when the real work begins.  And we’re there at the closing and well after.  There is no finish line for us.  We are always available to you when you need us.

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Q:  What if I need help after I buy my home? Finding a painter or plumber or electrician? 

Answer:  We have spent the last many years compiling a team of professionals who share the same business ethics and philosophies that are important to our team.  When we make a referral, we have to feel confident that those providers will treat you as we would.  We require it and constantly perform service checks to insure the best-possible service is provided.  After all, their performance reflects back onto us.   So yes, we can help you find the right people for the job.

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Q:  Can’t any Realtor say what you’re saying?

Answer:  Yes.  They can and do.  The proof is in our performance.  Our Real Estate Practice is 100% referral-based.  But, the greatest compliments come when other Realtors tell us that they would hire us to help them if they weren’t Realtors themselves.  When we say we go above and beyond, we truly go above and beyond. We would be happy to meet with you, share some stories, and let you see first-hand how working with us will make all the difference in your home buying or selling experience.

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We Look Forward to the Opportunity to Serve you!

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