About Us

Welcome to Watermark Arizona Properties.  We look forward to the opportunity to get to know you better and show you how we are different.  We are committed to consistently exceeding expectations; taking care of each and every client as if they are family; thinking strategically and long-term; and working with only the best resources who share our commitment to excellence.

Marti re-entered the real estate world in 2009 and Rick soon joined her.  After spending over 30 years building relationships from Main Street to Wall Street they made a commitment to Real Estate as their final career choice.  Watermark, their own Brokerage, was launched in April 2015.  “We saw an opportunity to create a path to excellence and serve the community and the people around us with the highest level of care and commitment.”

Watermark welcomed Stephanie in April 2016.  She brings the same level of service and commitment already firmly established in Watermark’s culture.  You’ll notice that the team is small.  “We’re small on purpose because we want to maintain our commitment to Service First.”

Prior to establishing Watermark, Rick worked primarily in the construction industry; Marti had a long-standing career on the Wall Street side of Corporate America with her early years in Commercial Real Estate; and Stephanie spent many years in Wisconsin as a very successful Associate Broker serving buyers, sellers, and REO clients.

Rick’s experience in home remodeling, concrete, custom glass work, and his work with electronics and communications with the Army gives him knowledge and insight that most Realtors can’t offer.  Rick worked in operations management as well as field work, giving him a broad range of skills that he now uses to the benefit of Watermark’s clients.  Rick  now leads the Property Management Division.

Marti’s background includes corporate finance, securities and contract law, investor relations, and sales management.  She worked with very small, start-up companies to major corporations such as Avnet, ranked Fortune #102 in 2016.  Her corporate experience is invaluable, but her heart was with the smaller companies which allowed her to feel like she was truly making a difference.  Her analytical mind coupled with her nurturing nature brings a unique dynamic to our team.  Marti now leads the team as the Designated Broker and primarily serves Watermark’s Investor clients.

Stephanie came to the Phoenix area just a few years ago from Wisconsin where she had a booming real estate practice as an Associate Broker serving buyers and sellers with a tremendous level of professionalism and ethical standards.

Our  team’s combined skills bring a high level of experience and professionalism to the table.  We work together to consistently under-promise and over-deliver.  We focus on education and forward-thinking. We believe that technology is a tool, not an excuse to hide behind a computer all day.  We believe in good-old-fashioned personal touches and combine them with the technological know-how required in today’s market.

On a personal level, we are committed to serving others  and our relationships with God, family, church, and community.  We love give back to the community as we were instructed in Micah 6:8 – to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with our God.

Contact us today to learn more about our Service-First Culture and Commitment.

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